The safest adapter for refilling small disposable propane cylinders.

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To Refill 1 LB. Cylinders from 20-40 LB. Tank

Important! Always start with an EMPTY cylinder.

  1. Before refilling, chill the smaller empty 1 LB. cylinder for 15-20 minutes in the fridge (for best fill). Have full larger tank at room temperature (never exceed 85°F).
  2. Connect left-hand threaded lug of Shnozzle to tank (use wrench – see illustration #1).
  3. Connect right-hand threaded cap of Shnozzle to 1 LB. cylinder (hand tighten).
  4. Turn 1 LB. cylinder and tank upside down (see illustration #2).
  5. Open valve on tank for several minutes until you can no longer hear the propane transfer. Then shut valve off.
  6. Return 1 LB. cylinder and tank to upright position.
  7. Disconnect smaller 1 LB. cylinder FIRST.
  8. Inspect 1 LB. cylinder for leaks: Place a small amount of ½ liquid soap ½ water solution on cylinder opening and on relief valve. If bubbles appear, discard smaller cylinder in a safe area.

IMPORTANT! A complete instruction guide comes with every Shnozzle purchase.
Please read the entire instruction guide before using Shnozzle.

Shnozzle is for personal household use only.
Shnozzle should ONLY be used outdoors.

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